Marco Reus Net Worth 2024

Marco Reus's Net Worth as of May 2024 is
$20 million

Marco Reus is a renowned German professional football player. He plays as a winger and forwards for his club as well as the county. Currently, Marco Reus is associated with the German club Borussia Dortmund. He is with the team for more than 10 years since 2012.

Marco Reus started his professional career back in 2006. He signed his first contract with German club Rot Weiss Ahlen II. Within a year he made it to the senior team and showed his talent to the world. Joining the youth system just at the age of 6 showed his passion for the game.

Marco is well known for being a loyalty because he did not left his beloved club Dortmund when he was offered a huge payment from other clubs. Rues has played more than two decades for the club Borussia Dortmund.

Marco Reus’s Net Worth

Marco’s net worth as of 2022 is 20 million dollars. He earned his empire through his football career. Back in 2012, he was signed by the club with a record fee of 18 million dollars.

He earns more than 16-70 thousand dollars a week and is the highest-earning member. His annual earning from the club is more than 10 million dollars including all his bonuses and endorsements.

Puma is his current sponsor. He signed with the brand back in 2012 and since then has stayed loyal to them.

Source: BVB Buzz

Career Earnings:

YearWeekly WageYearly SalaryClubPositionLeagueAgeContract Expiry
2022£164,000£8,528,000Borussia DortmundAM RLC, F CBundesliga3230-06-2023
2021£210,000£10,920,000Borussia DortmundM, AMBundesliga3130-06-2023
2020£198,000£10,296,000Borussia DortmundM, AMBundesliga3030-06-2023
2019£189,000£9,828,000Borussia DortmundM, AMBundesliga2930-06-2023
2018£171,000£8,892,000DortmundM, AMGerman First Division2830-06-2019
2017£165,000£8,580,000DortmundM, AMGerman First Division2729-06-2019
2016£137,000£7,124,000DortmundM, AMGerman First Division2629-06-2019
2015£142,000£7,384,000DortmundM, AMGerman First Division2529-06-2019
2014£80,000£4,160,000Borussia DortmundM, AMGerman First Division2429-06-2017

Marco Reus’s Personal Life

Marco Reus was born on May 31, 1989, in Dortumund, Germany. Just at the age of 32, he is a footballing sensation. He is the son of Thomas Reus and Manuela Reus. Marco is named after the famous volleyball player Marco Van Basten.

Marco has two siblings Yvonne Reus And Melanie Reus and both of them are his elder sisters. However, he hasn’t mentioned much about them as he is a very secretive kind of person.

Marco Reus’s Career

Marco Reus started his youth career Post-SV Dortmund where he joined at the age of 6. Later in 1996 he joined the German club’s youth team Borussia Dortmund and stayed there for more than 10 years. In 2006 his first contract with Rot Weiss Ahlen II was signed and within a year he was their marquee player.

In 2009 Marco joined Borussia Monchengladbach where he played for 4 years making 97 appearances and bagging 36 goals for the club. After his wonderful period in Monchengladbach, he was scouted by Borussia Dortmund.

With Borussia Dortmund, he signed a contract for almost an 18 million dollars fee. Marco has a contract with the club until 2023. He is among the highest earners in the team.

Source: Bundesliga

Marco Reus’s Social Media Handle

Marco Reus’s is available on various social media handles. His Instagram account named @marcinho11 has more than 10.9 million followers and has almost 379 posts. He is available on Twitter and Facebook as well and is very active in all his social media.

Is Marco Reus Married?

Marco Reus is married to his long-term girlfriend Scarlett Gartmann. Scarlett Gartmann is a famous german model. They are together since 2015. In 2019 they had their first children and later that same year they got married.

Source: Bavarian Football Works

Marco Reus’s Body Measurement

Marco Reus is almost 5 feet and 11 inches which is almost 1.80 m tall. His weight as per his club’s official is 71 kgs.