Hazel Judith Huisman Net Worth 2024

Hazel Judith Huisman's Net Worth as of Jul 2024 is
$3 million

Hazel Judith Huisman is a renowned Dutch celebrity kid. She is the daughter of a famous Dutch actor, Michiel Huisman, and actress Tara Elders. She is one of the most beautiful and searched celebrity kids in the movie industry. Hazel Judith Huisman is always in the limelight because of her famous parents.

Despite belonging to a celebrity background Hazel Judith Huisman hasn’t been part of any movies or series. She has stayed away from all the industry stuff and paparazzi. Hazel Judith Huisman is just focused on her personal life. She is very cute as sometimes seen with her parents on shows and gatherings.

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Hazel Judith Huisman’s Personal Life

Hazel Judith Huisman was born on June 9, 2007, in Amstelveen Netherlands. She is just 14 years old. At a very young age, she has earned herself a name in the movie industry. Hazel Judith Huisman doesn’t have any siblings as she is a single child in the family. She belongs to a Gemini group. She is a very humble and down-to-earth person.

Hazel Judith Huisman’s Career

Being born to a celebrity family Hazel Judith Huisman hasn’t been part of it. She has mostly stayed away from her parent’s professional career. Hazel Judith Huisman hasn’t even played any series or movies. As of now, she is just focused on her studies and personal life. However, in near future, she might feature herself in some kind of movie and series. Whereas her parents have been part of the industry for more than a decade.

Hazel Judith Huisman’s Net Worth

Hazel Judith’s net worth as of 2022 is unknown as she is too young. However her father Michiel Huisman’s net worth is a whopping 3 million dollars. He earned his fortune through his movie career and brand endorsement. Meanwhile Hazel is living a luxurious life with her parents in the Netherlands.

Hazel Judith Huisman’s Body Measurement

Hazel Judith Huisman is just 14 years old as of 2022. Her height is almost 4 feet tall which is about 121 cm. According to some sources her weight is about 17 kilograms. However, her parents haven’t shared exact information regarding Hazel in any kind of new portal or social media account.

Hazel Judith Huisman Family

Hazel Judith Huisman is born to a celebrity family. She is the daughter of a famous Dutch actor Michiel Huisman and actress Tara Elders. Even Hazel Judith’s uncle Dustin Huisman is a professional football player. Meanwhile, Hazel’s grandfather is a Dutch philosopher. Hazel Judith Huisman’s name was kept after her grandmother Judith Grey.

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Is Hazel Judith Huisman Single or In Relationship?

Hazel Judith Huisman is currently single and not in any kind of relationship. She is just focused on her personal life and studies. Hazel Judith doesn’t indulge herself in any kind of affairs and bad company. However, in near future, she might be with someone and publicly reveal it.

Hazel Judith Huisman Social Media Account

Hazel isn’t available on any kind of social media handle. She is too young to use any kind of social media. However her father Michiel is available on Instagram named @michielhuisman and has almost 529k followers.