Finley Faith Sehorn Net Worth 2024

Finley Faith Sehorn's Net Worth as of May 2024 is
$100 thousand

Finley Faith Sehorn is a well-known celebrity who has been in the spotlight for many years. You’ve undoubtedly heard her name if you enjoy hearing about famous people’s lives. She is the daughter of former football player Jason Sehorn and actress Angie Harmon.

Finley Faith Sehorn is a well-known actress and model who is the older daughter of former football cornerback Jason Sehorn and actress Angie Harmon. She is not the only child in her family.

Finley Faith Sehorn: Net Worth, Bio, and More

She grew up with her two younger sisters, one of whom is a professional football player. Since Finley’s school days, she has been involved in sports.


Finley Faiths Body Measurement

She is a white woman with American citizenship and white ethnicity. She is a Christian. Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown, with a small build. She is a libra astrological sign.

Finley Faiths Family

After her father, Jason, proposed to her mother, Angie, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in March 2000, Finley’s parents were engaged. The proposal sparked a lot of interest and media attention, and the pair exchanged vows privately on June 9, 2001.


Finley was born on October 14, 2003, in California, the United States as one of three daughters of Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon. Her two younger siblings are Avery Grace Sehorn and Emery Hope Sehorn.

Finley G. Caravageli is a mixed-race American who was born and raised in the United States. Her grandparents were Lawrence Paul Harmon, Daphne Demar Caravageli, and Nancy Alexander.

Her Parents Divorce

On June 9th, 2001, Finley Faith Sehorn’s parents tied the knot for the second time. They also had three daughters while being married.

Harmon and Sehorn’s marriage came to an end, as all excellent things must. In November 2014, the former spouses announced their intention to divorce. Their separation was also finalized in December 2015.

Finley Faiths Professional Life

Finley hasn’t chosen her profession yet because she is still in her teenage years. As we previously said, Finley Faith Sehorn became famous only due to her parents’ fame.

Angie Harmon is a well-known American actress and model who has appeared in several major motion pictures and television shows. She has also starred in the films Agent Cody Banks and Baywatch Nights, both of which made her mother famous worldwide. Her amazing performance as Ronica Miles in Agent Cody Banks captured the attention of millions of people.

Additionally, Finley’s father, Jason Sehorn, was a former American football cornerback who played in the NFL. He spent eight years with the New York Giants from 1994 to 2002. A year later he joined the St. Louis Rams and remained there until 2005.

Finley Faith Networth

Finley Faith Sehorn is a wealthy individual. Her net worth, however, remains under examination. Her father, Jason Sehorn, currently has a net worth of $20 million. Angie Harmon, her mother, has an expected wealth of $30 million.

Is She Single?

No, Finley Faith Sehorn is not currently dating anyone publicly. However, we cannot rule out the prospect of her dating someone openly. Furthermore, she might be seeing someone privately.

She likes to stay out of the public eye. As a consequence, her former boyfriends’ names are concealed. Furthermore, she appears to keep her social media accounts private from the rest of the world as well. Like Samara Saraiva and Casey Noble, she resembles them.

When it comes to relationships, Sehorn has a special connection with her relatives. Although her parents’ marriage came to an end, she spends equal time with both of them.

Finley’s Social Media

Finley Faith Sehorn is a famous actress on Instagram, where she goes by the handle finleyhorn. Finley’s popularity has risen as a result of her beautiful photographs and personality.