Eve Bunyan Net Worth 2024

Eve Bunyan's Net Worth as of Jun 2024 is
$3 million

Eve Bunyan is a famous celebrity kid. She is the daughter of world-class New Zealand actor Jay Ryan. Eve Bunyan is among the top searched star kid in the world. She is mostly on the headline because of her father’s famous personality. Eve is a very cute and adorable kid.

Despite being born in a star family Eve Bunyan hasn’t featured in any kind of movie. She has stayed away from all kinds of paparazzi stuff. Eve hasn’t even played a kid role in a movie. Even Bunyan’s mother is a famous director, and writer. She belongs to a well-to-do family.

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Eve Bunyan’s Personal Life

Eve Bunyan was born in 2009 in Canada. Her parents are New Zealanders yet she was born in Canada due to her parent’s work. According to Eve’s parents, her birth was really a surprise for them. As they even stated jokingly that their 5 years of sleep are gone. Eve Bunyan has two siblings. However, her parents haven’t revealed much regarding it on any social media sites and news portals. Eve’s parents are very secretive about their personal life and have kept a lot of things very private.

Eve Bunyan’s Career

Eve Bunyan has stayed away from her parent’s industry. She is just focused on her personal life and schooling. She hasn’t even played any movies or short films. Eve Bunyan hasn’t even talked about her desire to be in the field of her parents. She is very possessive about her personal life and even her parents are keeping it very private.

Eve Bunyan’s Net Worth

Eve’s net worth as of 2022 is still unknown. She is too young to know about her earnings as she is still completing her education. However her father Jay Ryan’s net worth as of now is more than 3 million dollars. He has earned his income through movies and series. He has been part of the industry for more than 2 decades.

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Eve Bunyan’s Social Media Account

Eve is too young to be seen on any kind of social media handle. She is away from all those stuff. Although her father Jay Ryan is seen on Instagram. His Instagram account named @jayryanofficial has almost 376k followers with more than 120 posts. Eve’s father Ryan is very active on his social media handle and is regularly posting.

Eve Bunyan’s Body Measurement

Eve is almost 4 feet tall judging it from her pictures. However, Eve’s official height and body measurement is not revealed yet. Like her father, Jay is almost 6 feet tall.

Eve Bunyan’s Parents Movies

Eve’s parents have been part of the industry for exactly 22 years. Her father Jay played his first television show named Young Hercules back in 1998 where he played the role of a cadet. In 2002 he played his first movie Superfire. Since then he has been on top of the movie industry. Whereas her mother Dianna has been part of several plays. Some of her famous plays are Jingle Bells, The Packer, and My Mother Dreaming. Dianna’s first play was in 1999. She was the writer of the play