Donna W Scott Net Worth 2024

Donna W Scott's Net Worth as of Jul 2024 is
$200 million

Donna W Scott is a famous American actress. She is one of the most talented and desired actresses in the movie industry. Just playing a few movies and series she has earned herself a name in the industry. Her birth name is Donna Wilson. Despite starting her career at a young age she has built her name.

Donna W Scott started her professional career at the age of 17. Her first movie Days of Thunder was in 1990 where she played the role of Darlene. She has even produced movies in 2021. Donna W Scott is known all over the world because of her beauty and her extraordinary acting skills.

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Donna W Scott’s Personal Life

Donna W Scott was born on June 8, 1973, in North Carolina, United States of America. As of 2022, Donna W is just 48 years old. Being born and raised in Carolina Donna hasn’t revealed much about her parents. She is a very secretive kind of person and keeps her personal life very private. There is no news regarding her siblings as well. However, she might update her personal life very soon to public and news outlets.

Donna W Scott’s Career

Donna Wilson’s career has been full of ups and downs. At certain times she ruled the industry whereas in some periods she didn’t play any movies. Her first movie Days of Thunder was in 1990. Since then Donna has played more than 28 movies. In 2021 she even produced two movies named Ida Red and Asking For It. Wilson has been part of 3 documentaries throughout her professional career. Actress Donna hasn’t played any kind of movies and series since 2012. For almost 10 years she has stayed away from the movie industry.

Donna W Scott’s Love Life and Relationship

During the time of her movie, she met with a famous English movie director, actor, and producer Tony Scott. They started dating in 1990. Later in 1994 Tony and Donna got married. Since then have been together. Unfortunately in 2012, Donna’s husband Tony Scott passed away. Tony jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge was declared as a suicide. However, the major reason behind the suicide is unknown. He did even leave notes to his family. Tony and Donna had twin children Frank Scott and Max Scott born in 2000.

Donna W Scott’s Social Media Handle

Donna Scott isn’t available on any kind of social media handle. She is away from all this stuff. Donna isn’t even seen on any kinds of award shows or premiers. Since the death of her husband Tony, she has stayed away from the movie industry.

Source: Zimbio

Donna W Scott’s Net Worth

Donna Wilson’s net worth as of 2022 is not revealed. However, her husband Tony’s net worth at the time of death was a whopping 200 million dollars. He was one of the greatest directors and producers who had been part of extraordinary movies throughout his professional career.

Donna W Scott’s Movies and Series

Donna Scott has been part of almost 28 movies throughout her career. Some of her famous movies and series are The Good Wife, Waters for Elephant, South of Nowhere, and Nash Bridge.