Dominic Seagal Net Worth 2024

Dominic Seagal is a famous American celebrity kid. He is the son of famous actor Steven Seagal and American actress, Kelly LeBrock. He is among the famous and most browsed celebrity kid in the movies industry. Within a short period of time, he has gained himself a number of followers and admirers.

Dominic Seagal is a model by profession. He is a rising and aspiring model who is working very hard to earn himself a name in the industry. Dominic Seagal is always in the limelight because of his celebrity parents. Model Dominic belongs to a well-to-do family and comes from a movie industry background.

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Dominic Seagal’s Personal Life

Dominic Seagal was born on June 21, 1990, in the United States of America. As of 2022, he is just 31 years old. He is a very handsome and attractive model who has a lot of female followers. Dominic is very secretive about his personal life and matters. He doesn’t share much of his information on social media and news portals. However, Dominic is living a luxurious life along with his celebrity parents in California.

Dominic Seagal’s Career

Dominic Seagal started his career at a very young. He started his professional career as a model. He is an aspiring model who is working very hard to establish his name in the industry along with his parents. Just at the age of 31, he has somewhat earned himself a name and fame through his celeb parents. Whereas his parents have been part of the movie industry for more than 2 decades.

Dominic Seagal’s Social Media Handle

Dominic Seagal isn’t that active on any kind of social media handle. He mostly stays away from all the social media platforms and is just focusing on his personal life and his career. However, his Instagram account named @dom_perignon_805 has just 1157 followers and his account is private as well. He prefers to stay away from the paparazzi. Meanwhile, he might reveal his social media handle and personal matter in near future.

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Dominic Seagal’s Net Worth

Dominic Seagal’s net worth is still unknown. He hasn’t shared any information regarding his earnings and salary. Meanwhile his father Steven Seagal’s net worth as of 2022 is a whopping 16 million dollars. He earned himself a massive fortune through his professional career and some investments. He owns several properties across the country. Whereas his mother Kelly’s net worth is 2 million dollars. They both belong to the movie industry.

Dominic Seagal’s Family

Dominic is the son of famous American actor Steven Seagal and actress Kelly LeBrock. Steven and Kelly got married back in 1987. After 4 years of marriage, Dominic was born. Dominic Seagal has 2 siblings Arissa LeBrock and Annaliza Seagal. His sibling Arissa is a famous Model and wrestler. Dominic’s parents got separated in 1996 after 9 years of their marriage.

Dominic Seagal’s Parents’ Famous Movies And Shows

His parents are famous American celebrities. His father Steven has been part of the industry for exactly 40 years and his mother for 46 years. Some of his parent’s famous movies and shows are Gamers: The Movie, A Prince For Christmas, and Under Seige.