Charles Herbert Gotti Net Worth 2024

Charles Herbert Gotti's Net Worth as of May 2024 is
$100 thousand

Charles Herbert Gotti is famous as he is the grandson of the late Gambino crime family boss, John Gotti Sr. He has been on the flashlight as he is related to the Gotti family. Gotti Family is famous for its connection with Gambino Crime Family. John Gotti Jr, Charles’s father once even served as the boss of the family.

Charles Herbert Gotti is even said to be involved in his family’s business. He is known for his crime and assault. Information about his sibling’s life is opened but moving on to his private life, he has not disclosed any information. There is not any valid information about him on the internet.

Charles Herbert Gotti’s Date of Birth

Charles Herbert Gotti was born on August 28, 1985, in Queens, Newyork, United States. He was raised by his maternal grandparents Robert Harrington and Angela Harrington until he was eight years old. It is said that there was a dispute between Gotti and his grandparents and that’s the reason why he stopped living with his maternal grandparents. He is currently 36 years old. He looks fit and fine with his well-built body.

Charles Herbert Gotti’s Parents

Charles Herbert Gotti’s Parents are John Gotti Jr (Father) and  Kimberly Albanese (mother). John Gotti Jr always acted as the boss of the family. Charles has 5 siblings and he is the one among the six children. John Gotti Jr (Father) and  Kimberly Albanese (mother) are married since 1990. He belongs to Italian Ethnicity. His siblings are  Frankie, Gianna, Angel, John Gotti III, and one another. It seems like Charles followed in his family’s footsteps so he is involved in Burglary, assault, and others. His brother John is an MMA star, he plays in UFC but he chooses to be a mobster like his dad.

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Charles Herbert Gotti’s Net Worth

Charles Herbert Gotti has a net worth of $100 thousand. He has been living a lavish life. He was arrested as he was found with Marijuana, 18 Methadone pills, a testosterone bottle, and $8.00 cash so he is serving in jail.

Charles Herbert Gotti’s Relationship Status

Charles Herbert Gotti has not revealed any information about his marital life. But by this time, he might have married and even has children. He has spent most of his life in prison. He has always tried to stay away from the media. In the same,e way, he has not unfolded any information about his past relationship with anyone. So as of now, we can consider him as single.

Charles Herbert Gotti’s First Murder

Charles Herbert Gotti in 2006 committed murder without any permission from his family just to grab the attention. After that, he was given the tag ‘a man of honor’. He always wanted to create fear among the public and wanted to know him as boss. He is a drug trafficker and mafia.

Charles Herbert Gotti’s Social Media

Charles Herbert Gotti is not so active on social media. He is not found on Facebook. He is active on Instagram with a username makavely7. He has been keeping a low profile. None of his siblings shares any details about them.