Amanda Blake Net Worth 2024

Amanda Blake's Net Worth as of Jul 2024 is
$500 thousand

Amanda Blake is a well-known American actress who has rocked the stage with her performance on the screen. Amanda is famous for her world-class movies and television series like Miss Robin Crusoe, The Adventures of Hajji Baba, and The Red Skeleton Hour. Amanda Blake was born on February 20, 1929, in Buffalo, New York, United States of America. She was the daughter of father Jesse Neill, mother Louise Neill.

Amanda Blake started her professional career back in 1950 when she played the role of Faith Radmore Samuels in the movie named Stars in My Crown. Amanda started her career at the age of 21 and within a short period of time, she has earned herself a name in the industry. She has played more than two dozen movies and television series and is one of the most desired actresses in the film industry.

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Amanda Blake’s Personal Life

Amanda Blake was born in New York to a well-to-do family. She was the daughter of Jesse Neill and Louise Neill. Amanda’s father was a well-known banker whereas there is not quite much information regarding her mother and her profession. Before starting her career as a professional actor she was a telephone operator. She attended Pomona College but she didn’t complete her education.

Amanda Blake’s Marriage and Family

Amanda got married 5 times in the span of 30 years as her first marriage was with Jack Shea in 1952 and in the year 1953, they both got separated. Her second marriage was in 1954 with Don Whitman and separated with him in 1956, her third marriage in 1964 with Jason Seymour Day Jr and separated with him in 1967, her fourth marriage in 1982 with Mark Edward Spaeth but their marriage ended with the death of her husband Spaeth just after a year of their marriage. Amanda is a single child of her parents.

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Amanda Blake’s Career

Amanda Blake started her career at a very young age. At the age of 21, she played her first movie Stars In My Crown in the year 1950 where she played the role of Faith Radmore Samuels. After 2 years she played her first television series Schlitz Playhouse of Stars. Amanda has played 21 movies and television series. Her last movies and television series both came in the years 1988 and 1989 respectively before passing away.

Amanda Blake’s Death and Health Condition

Amanda Blake passed away on August 16, 1989, in Sacramento, California, United States of America. She died because of liver failure as she was even suffering from the sexually transmitted disease HIV/AIDS. Amanda’s doctor stated that she died because of aids but according to many sources her reason for death was liver failure and not aids. She even did her oral surgery in 1977 as she was a chain smoker.

Amanda Blake’s Award and Recognition

Amanda Blake is an award-winning actress as she has bagged herself a couple of awards. Her first award Bronze Wrangler was in 1967 which she received for her television series named Gunsmoke. She even received an award from the president of the United States of America for society’s annual Courage Award. She was even nominated in Emmy awards for her series Gunsmoke although she could back it up.